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Founded in March of 2023, The Gyalz was formed by 7 friends who shared similar interests in variations of art and alternative sub cultures such as Y2K, Gyaru , Bold Cyber/hyper punk and urban street art. With the idea of portraying a safe space for creatives in their home city charlotte, the Gyals set out to put their efforts towards a project we now call GYAL GALA 


   The purpose of the gala itself is to provide a setting where charlotte locals can not only be introduced to an array of different art forms but also interact with and learn about niche genres and subcultures that are prominent in our group. Our goal is to encourage our community to rebel and be as bold as they are unique. We want to paint the city of charlotte in new age art and plow a path for future young creatives to do the same. 


Please join us by supporting our efforts to build a more colorful and diverse city

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OR DM us at:

Instagram: @Gyalgala

Tiktok: Gyalgala

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