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Whats next for the GYALS?

We'd hate to keep you waiting for more Gyal content, so heres some future projects and events thats got our attention for you

to look forward to! 


What to expect?

We're working on building a inclusive and interactive art Gala where we showcase a variety of different art forms while alsoo meeting and getting to know other creatives from our community. Keep up with us and we'll update you when we set our event in motion!


Gyal Magazine

We are currently brainstorming a way for the public to get to know us gyals more in depth, and what better way than a introductory Teen Gyaru style Magazine! 

The magazine will consist of questionnaires and fun facts about the Gyals! Here's a sneak peak into our our future top seller issue!

The Gyallery

The Gyals love nothing more than striking a pose!

Here's a couple of our professional shoots! 

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